How To Clean Beard Trimmer?

Your grooming kit wants just as much attention as your clothes and accessories. Beard trimmers want to be saved from time to time. With each use, everything the dead skin, hair, and wreckage pile up on the trimmer, which affects its show and makes it painful for your skin because of all the germs.

Spending just a few minutes cleaning the beard trimmer after each use will increase the product’s durability and keep you safe.

Beard trimmers are quite handy products because they allow you to give yourself an attractive look any time you want and because they are simple to use. As you can conserve on a trip to the salon, they are also very affordable. Since various varieties are available for all skin kinds, choosing a beard trimmer for yourself is simpler than ever.

Do you have a beard trimmer? If you do, you know how annoying it is to see it with hair stuck. This is all part of the job of a beard trimmer. What do you hope for? If not for the beard trimmer. People will finish up watching like troglodytes.

How To Clean Beard Trimmer?
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Without it, many people don’t realize that a beard trimmer’s show is significantly affected by how you clean it. Did you understand that you’re supposed to clean it every moment you use it? Indeed, not all of you do that, even if you deny it. If you don’t understand what it means to be cleaned later every use, you should also understand how to clean it properly. It’s not only rinsing it with water. There’s special maintenance to it. Here, you’ll understand what to do and some other things about beard trimmer maintenance.

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6 Quick Steps How to Clean Your Beard Trimmer :

Just like the most significant electronic devices, electric beard trimmers come with an instructional manual. This manual contains all the reports on how to hold the product adequately controlled. If you threw out the manual thought, you wouldn’t want it, and you can follow these general steps.

1. Use a Brush

Next is to use a brush. Greatest of the time (also, if you don’t see it), tiny strands of hair are attached beneath the blades or near the motor. Ago the water’s pressure isn’t too high; there’s a chance that all the hair will not be transferred.

This is where you’ll want a brush. Most beard trimmer packages have a confront in them. If they don’t, apply an old toothbrush with medium or firm bristles. Using the brush, smoothly clean the blades. Put an eye out for the hair so you understand which areas to target.

Here’s a point: If you try to get the hair out, hit the brush outward. Using the brush to plunge very into the blades might push the hair more back. And you do not need that.

2. Clean with a Brush

When you buy an electric trimmer, it usually comes with a brush. The purpose of this brush is to transfer all the excess hair from the blades of the trimmer. Use the brush next every use to clean the blades.

If you don’t carry out the hair stuck in the blade on period, the hair will get inside the trimmer and cause jamming difficulties. Hence, make sure you put the trimmer hair-free.

When you are washing, leave the trimmer on for twenty minutes so that if there is some hair stuck inside, it will release up, and you can clean it.

If you still see any hair in the crevices, I also can’t look to take it out. You can apply a cotton swab or toothpick. Next, use the brush once more and clean the cracks and also blades on the safe side.

3. Let It Air Dry

Lastly, you leave your blade to air dried out. If your beard trimmer comes with accessories for body grooming or with a cover, don’t store it yet and only let your trimmer dry for a while. While you can opt to clean it with a cloth, it’s best to transmit it alone so that you circumvent having threads get stuck on the blade.

And there you have it! In all fidelity, it’s not fun to maintain a beard trimmer after all use. Although it’s a lower rate to pay than buying a different one after some help, it’s an inconvenience.

4. Rinse the Trimmer

As mentioned a while before, most people understand that they should rinse the beard trimmer, though that’s only the first part. Rinsing the trimmer is not helpful, especially if mini strands of hair are stuck in the motor. And also, if you’re using a manual trimmer, rinsing can do so much.

Anyway, to properly wash your beard trimmer, run it below cold or warm water. Don’t apply your fingers to lift the hair because you might get nicked. Only let the water do it. This is just the first step, anyway.

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5. Oil the Trimmer

When you order a high-quality beard trimmer, you will regularly get a short oil bottle with it. Most people do not understand how necessary this Oil is for the trimmer. It keeps the trimmer running efficiently and puts the blades lubricated. Beard trimmers are precisely like any different machine that needs lubrication so that all the tiny components inside it, including the end, can work how they are supposed to.

If your trimmer does not come from its Oil, you can use some vegetable oil or olive oil. But, be assured not to use any other oily substance like motor oil, additional virgin olive oil, or Vaseline. Otherwise, it will destroy the trimmer.

Next, you clean the trimmer with a brush, remove all excess hair, make sure the trimmer is off, and oil the blades. In this case, the less oil is given, the better the various ways around. So, spray 1 to 2 drops from the side. Too much fat can ruin the process of the blades. 

If you use your Oil on the trimmer, check the guarantee of the product and see if using different Oil will void the warranty. You should specifically put this in mind if you have a costly trimmer and plan to put it on for a long time.

6. Apply Oil

While you don’t see some hair, that means you’re done with the brush. The next level is to use Oil on the blades. Exactly like any element, you will want to lubricate it so it can last great. It also increases the life and review of your beard trimmer. You don’t need a blunt trimmer.

Here’s how to do it. If your beard trimmer comes with a jar of oil, that’s the one you’ll use. You can use options like vegetable oil, olive oil, or rubbing oil if it doesn’t. Next, use 1-2 drops immediately onto the blade. Be careful not to fix too much on it because it will destroy the motor. Some slides will be suitable to do the trick.

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The amount of cleaning depends on how various times you shave. Many men grow their hair best, so they will have to clean their beard trimmer more often than others. The rule of thumb here is that after every use, you have to clean it. It’s not enough to rinse it.

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FAQs For How To Clean Beard Trimmer In 2022

How many times should you clean your beard trimmer?

Once a week, or after every 2-3 trims, put some hand soap or body wash on the toothbrush. Gently brush the trimmer teeth under warm water. 

Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean clippers?

Clean and Sterilize Your Clippers

If you’ve been experiencing any rash, razor bumps, or itching from your clippers, you should rinse them in 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to disinfect them. After several rinses, you should see hair residue and grime come off the clippers. Keep rinsing until the solution runs clear.

How do I clean and disinfect my beard trimmer?

Cleaning your clippers is easy and painless. “Brush off some hair left on the blades. Next, spray a multi-purpose disinfectant. On them later each use,” says Cardoso. He recommends Andis Cool Care Spray ($10.29, Buy It Here) or Clippercide Disinfectant Spray ($15, Buy It Here).

What happens if you don’t clean your clippers?

They won’t cut correctly, and you’ll get agonizing patchy haircuts. If you don’t clean them regularly, they’ll also get nasty. This will cause surface irritation (red spots, bumps) and might even infect your surface. As a salaried, there is no excuse for having a nasty shop or equipment.

How do you deep clean Clippers at home?

Gently brush far away from dust and hair clippings. Pop the blades back in position before anything else lands in there! Some short bursts from a can of compressed air are a great way to clean the clipper without taking apart the blade assembly—Snap-on the blade cover to protect them.

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